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Company Information

Company Name: Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C.

Registration number: 1707221

Company Address: PO Box 419, Postal Code 118 Al Qurum, Way No. 53 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Legal Information


All texts, graphics, images, videos, animations and all content of the Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C Web sites are subject to the Company's intellectual property. This content may not be copied, distributed, modified, or placed on any website for commercial use or marketing. Some of the content is related to the intellectual property rights and the publication to its owners and some partners.

Variety and diversity of products and exhibits

Some information, graphics and images of the products have been prepared for public use on the Rolls-Royce website in different countries. Accordingly, some information and accessories may differ from one country to another according to the local market requirements of this country and may be available in different specifications according to the regulations and laws of these countries .

If you are interested in a specific car model, paint or accessories that are on the Internet and you are not sure with your local dealer, you should contact Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C or any local agent to inquire about the product you are looking for.


All brands, model names and company logos are exclusive and property.

No authorization

Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C has endeavored to provide an innovative and useful website and we hope you will be equally enthusiastic about this creative effort. However, we thank you for your good cooperation and understanding that Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C must protect its intellectual property, including its trademarks, copyrights and patents, and hereby informs you that this website, its content and its availability do not allow anyone to use any intellectual property belonging to Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C.

Please note any future notes or notifications

Web pages, articles, annual and periodic reports, audio and video files, and other documents on this website, as well as other content, may contain expressions that reflect the views of the management and its outlook on future events. The expressions such as, "I expect", "I assume", "I believe" I look for "," I intend "," I "," I plan "," I imagine "and" I should "and other similar expressions that are intended and indicate future events or expectations.

The use of such expressions is subject to future risks or uncertainties, including, but not limited to: changes in economic conditions in Europe and North America, changes in currency and trading prices, changes in interest rates and raw material prices, entry of products competing with the domestic market, Sales, the success of the new model of the "Smart" model or the low prices of approved car sales, if any of these events (some of which are described as "risk report" and "risk factors") appear in the latest and latest Annual Report of Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C in item No. 20F which was included with the deposits and the disbursement of the commissions) or if these assumptions are proven to be incorrect, the results may be different from what has been stated or indicated. Therefore, we do not assume that we are obliged to update any declarations made in time.

No warranties or representations:

"The information provided on this website provided by Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C  is as it is and to the extent permitted by law and without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the marketing of any particular party or purpose, this information is supposed to be accurate with some errors sometimes."

"The Internet contains links to other websites not subject to Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C , so we cannot assume any responsibility for the contents of these sites, and Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C provides these links to you for your convenience and ease of browsing, and reference to these links is not a type of marketing for these links"

Privacy Policy

Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C values ​​your interest in its products and visits to this site. Maintaining your privacy is a priority for us and we would like to make you feel very confident during your visit to our site. Protecting your privacy and data is our main concern, so we deal with it with utmost care. The personal data collected by our visitors is handled and processed in accordance with the laws of the countries where the websites are located. In addition, our Privacy Policy is subject to the Data Protection Act adhered by the company as part of its general policy. The Internet may contain links to other websites that are not subject to the Privacy Policy.

Collection and processing of personal data:

When you visit our website, the site records the IP address (the digital ID of your device), the website you visit and also the pages you visit. Personal data is recorded if you volunteer to enter it, for example by registering on the site or through a questionnaire, competition or contract.

Use and declaration of personal data and purpose:

Al Jenaibi International Automobiles L.L.C. uses your personal data for technical purposes only for the website, customer service, product and marketing questionnaires, and in this context only.

Freedom of choice:

We would like to use your data to inform you about our products and services and to know your opinions. Your participation is optional, and if you do not want to do so, just notify us at any time to stop using your data. Please refer to the website for more information.